Valentina E. Albanese


Geographies of the Pandemic and Capitalism of Surveillance: Italian Reflections. – The current pandemic is therefore a geographic matter that must be addressed according to diverse scales, also including the bodies of single individuals as a primary and smallest dimension. Moreover, since the virus especially affects fragile people and communities, it is sensible to study these phenomena with an intersectional approach. Since national governments have made a massive use of digital instruments to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, the reflections of the present analysis will also be focused on digital issues, meant either as digital illiteracy and lack of access to digital technologies.
The aim of this study is thus to investigate the extent to which the digital weaknesses are affecting private and public spaces. The analysis provides a reflection on the new geographies that are emerging in Italy since February 2020.
More in detail, the reflection will focus on surveillance technologies devised to prevent the spread of the virus. In order to help limit people’s movements outside their private homes, national governments are often relying on digital technologies; these also include digital tracing systems useful to tackle infected individuals which are of great interest due to the many geographic implications.
Italy’s controversial contact tracing application, Immuni, has raised questions on the advance of surveillance capitalism, an issue that will be dealt with in the present analysis after an introduction on the geographic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.



digital geographies, Covid-19, capitalismo della sorveglianza, data justice, Immuni

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